Welcome to AAA Forestry! We are a wildland firefighting company based out of Weiser, ID. We currently have 3 engines that are contracted with Region 6 (Vale, OR) and Region 4 (Boise, ID). You may apply online or call for an application. For more information call 208-724-4206 or email us at aaaforestry@hotmail.com.

  • Prepare themselves for fire duty, maintain assigned equipment and vehicles for fire readiness.
  • Safely respond to wild land fire to suppress and prevent them from spreading.
  • Perform entry-level wild land fire duties including hand-line construction, water handling, general suppression and prevention activities or training.
  • When not engaged in wild land fire preparedness and suppression, Forest Fire Fighters will perform tasks such as thinning and pruning trees for watersheds and protection of wildlife, and maintain recreation sites, buildings, grounds, roads and equipment.